Changing Our Mental Habits Empowers Us to Create


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265638-20150305At the Unique Mind ESP courses I designed and in my “Magical Moments” book I teach people to create a state of being within themselves that I call an “inner room.” This state of being – an inner room so to speak – is a haven, a refuge. We have access to this inner room while meditating, and after mental training we also have access to this state of being during our daily lives, even when we are not meditating. Stress and chaos are left “outside,” no matter what we encounter in our daily lives.

While in this “inner room,” we can use our thoughts to resolve situations in our lives that we don’t like. This means using meditation in an active, dynamic way to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. We often refer to using time this way as inner work.

For people who already have very busy lives, the idea of doing even more “work” or having even more on their list of undone work items, just adds to a feeling of inadequacy. It may help to realize that using our inner room is an opportunity that empowers us to take charge of our lives and resolve situations in our life that wear us down and prevent us from having a joyful life.

It seems to me that the feeling of “not enough time to do that” is part of a vicious negative cycle, and breaking out of that cycle is one of the most important changes we can make in order to have a more pleasant life. What do we do in our physical lives when we want to become more fit and have more energy? Many people make time for exercise and recreation, and that is a good thing. It’s about trading old habits for new ones. Going for a walk or to an exercise class instead of sitting and watching TV, for example.

Getting into the habit of using our “inner room” is also a matter of making a choice for a better, healthier life. It means taking advantage of the opportunity we all have to use our mental powers to help create that better life. Instead of feeling it is work or a duty, we start looking forward to using our inner room, the same way we look forward to physical recreation or nice vacations. In our inner room we go on an exciting journey of discovery – finding out about all the ways we can use our words, thoughts and inner feelings to create a more pleasant world around us. That benefits the individual, but also benefits everyone in the world around us.

My vision for peace on Earth is that more and more people learn to use this haven, this refuge that I call an “inner room” to create peace in their own lives. When enough people have done this, then abracadabra – we have magically created peace on Earth!

Article Author: Deborah Borgen is a pioneer in consciousness training and the founder and CEO of She is an international speaker and author of Magical Moments: Discover How to Easily Create More in Your Daily Life, a step-by step manual to gain inner peace so that world peace can be achieved. Her near-death experiences revealed to her the code for unlimited powers of the mind. Magical Moments is based on Deborah’s course that creates a paradigm shift in human evolution. Her course has been documented by research. An article in a scientific journal is currently underway that reveals a great leap within mind development.

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Magical Moments: Discover How to Easily Create More in Your Daily Life by Deborah Borgen


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